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Cape Tormentine is certainly not what it was during the busy days of ferry service from New Brunswick to PEI but if you're not into crowds and looking for a truly relaxing summer vacation then our cottage is the place for you.  Ideal for a quiet week or two away from city life, a home base to explore the Maritimes, a beach paradise for the kids, a writer’s retreat or a peaceful working vacation, we'd like to think people choose our cottage to 'get away from it all' and spend quality time with family and friends.

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Grocery Stores (20 to 30 minutes in Cap-Pelé or Port Elgin)

General Store (5 minutes)

Gas Station (10 to 15 minutes)

Pharmacy (20 to 30 minutes in Cap-Pelé or Port Elgin)

Liquor Store (20 minutes in Port Elgin)

There is a small general store at the Cape Tormentine Beach Campground with necessities.  They also have great ice-cream.

Many locals in the area sell seafood, baked goods and fresh produce.

The property is located 1 hour from the Moncton International Airport and 2 hours from the Halifax International Airport.

Questions & Answers

Question:  Do I have to drive 1-hour to Moncton to get groceries?
Answer:  No.  There are grocery stores in Port Elgin (20 min) and in
Cap-Pelé (30 min).  In Cap-Pelé you will find all the fresh produce, baked goods and local seafood you might need.  There is also a small general store at the Cape Tormentine beach campground with necessities.  For large grocery orders or to find something special we would recommend Sobeys or SuperStore in Amherst, Nova Scotia which is a 40 minute drive.  The nearest Costco is in Moncton (1 hour).

Question:  How close is the nearest hospital?
Answer:  The nearest hospital is the Sackville Memorial Hospital (45 min)

Question:  How close is the nearest pharmacy?
Answer:  The nearest pharmacies are in Port Elgin (20 min) and 
Cap-Pelé (30 min).

Question:  Where is the nearest liquor store?
Answer:  The nearest liquor store is in the gas station in Port Elgin.  There are many other NB Liquor locations in the area.

Question:  Are there any restaurants nearby?
Answer:  Not many.  There was once a seasonal restaurant across from the Cape Tormentine Beach Campground (5 min) but it has not opened in a couple of years.  There is a great restaurant at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre (10 min).  They have a great Friday night dinner and an amazing Sunday brunch - ideal when you don't feel like cooking.

Question:  Where is the nearest Tim Hortons?
Answer:  The nearest Tim Hortons is in
Cap-Pelé (30 min) at 2414 Acadie Road.  Take exit 53 off highway 16.  The cottage is equipped with a regular coffee machine, a Keurig and an espresso / cappuccino machine.

Question:  Is the cottage private and quiet?
Answer:  Yes.  We have neighbors on both sides but neither are visible through the trees.  One side of the cottage has a privacy fence.
  If you are looking for a cottage with lots of people around and constant activity then this is not the cottage for you.

Question:  How many bathrooms are there?
Answer:  There are 2 bathrooms.  There is a full bathroom (sink, toilet, stand-up shower) off the kitchen and a 1/2 bathroom (sink and toilet) off the back porch.  There is also a hot water outdoor shower along the side of the cottage.  It is private and quite possibly the best way to start your day.  There is no bathtub.

Question:  Can the cottage accommodate more than 8 people?
Answer:  No
.  There are only enough beds for 8 (including children) and too many people puts a stress on the water and septic system

Question:  Can the cottage be rented for less than 7 nights?
Answer:  No
.  The cottage can only be rented for a minimum of 7 nights, typically Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday.  Exceptions have been made for extra nights if there was not another group arriving the following week, or multi-week rentals.  Please contact us for rates.

Question:  Is the cottage ever available outside the June to September rental period?
Answer:  No

Question:  When is my $500 security deposit returned to me?
Answer:  Your security deposit will be returned to you within 48 hours of leaving.  It will be returned via email money transfer or mailed to you
.  The cost of cleaning services or damages (if necessary) will be deducted from the deposit.

Question:  What do I need to bring?
Answer:  Nothing except your clothes, toiletries and food
.  The kitchen is fully equipped and we highly recommend you take inventory before making your first grocery trip.  All the bedding, towels, face cloths, beach towels, laundry detergent, garbage bags, etc. you might need are there in abundance.

Question:  I have elderly parents.  Will they be able to get around?
Answer:  Overall the property is very flat
.  The deck and ground floor can be accessed with only 1 step.  Everything is on the main level except for 3 of the bedrooms.  There is 1 bedroom with a queen size bed on the main level.

Question:  How easy is it to access the beach?
Answer:  The beach is accessed via private steps
.  They are safe and secure but might prove difficult for someone elderly or who has difficulty walking.  Small children should always be attended by an adult.  The steps are illuminated at night with solar lights.

Question:  Is the beach good for swimming?  How warm is the water?
Answer:  The beach is great for swimming.  Because the water is so shallow and the tide goes out so far the sand bars warm up the water when the tide comes back in

Question:  What is the weather like?
Answer:  Obviously we cannot predict the weather.  July and August are the best months and can get very hot, especially on the deck which receives sun all day long
.  Evenings are typically cool.  There are links to local weather forecasts on our site here.  Historical weather data can be found on the internet.  Below are links to some historical data for nearby locations.
Summerside, PEI (directly across the Northumberland Strait in PEI)
Shediac, NB (a nearby tourist town).

Question:  Will my cell phone or BlackBerry work there?
Answer:  Yes
.  We have never had any problems with cell phones on any of the major networks.  You may not get the same high speed 3G access you'll find in a major urban center but you should always be able to make calls.

Question:  Can I make long distance calls from the cottage phone?
Answer:  No
.  The phone at the cottage is for receiving calls or making local calls only.  Long distance is disabled.  If you need to make long distance calls you must have a calling card or a cell phone.  If you bring a laptop you can always make calls over the internet using software like Skype.  Wired and wireless internet is provided.

Question:  Can I order pay per view items on the Bell ExpressVu satellite?
Answer:  No
.  There is a good selection of DVD movies at the cottage and the general store at the Cape Tormentine Campground also rents DVD movies.

Question:  Where can I rent sea kayaks?
Answer:  Good question
.  Our advice would be to search the internet.  Below are some links that may be helpful.
Kayaking in New Brunswick
Info PEI
Guide Services in Prince Edward Island


While you're there you can:

  • swim in the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait
  • take long walks on the sand bars at low tide
  • go beach combing and explore the sea shore
  • build a sand castle
  • golf (we play golf on the sandbars at low tide)
  • go fishing
  • go sea kayaking (sea kayaks not provided)
  • bird watch
  • go bicycling
  • build a bonfire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs
  • play outdoor games in the yard or down on the beach
  • finish the book(s) you've been meaning to read 
  • cook a gourmet dinner and entertain all your guests
  • simply sit back enjoy the view from your Adirondack chair


Start here at the Tourism New Brunswick website for great ideas on places to visit and things to do this summer.  Our cottage is located on the Acadian Coastal Drive.

Confederation BridgeConfederation Bridge and all that Prince Edward Island has to offer is less than 10 minutes away.  Visit Golf PEI to plan a dream golf vacation.

Cape JourimainLess than 10 minutes away, the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre will not disappoint.

Shediac (if you absolutely must have crowds) is 45 minutes away.

Moncton, New Brunswick is just over 1 hour away. The Champlain Place shopping mall, Crystal Palace and Magnetic Hill can all be found there.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is 1 hour away.

Sackville, home of Mount Allison University, is 45 minutes away.

HalifaxHalifax, Nova Scotia is 2 1/2 hours away.

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The Cape is a beautiful oceanfront cottage near Confederation Bridge in Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, Canada. This picturesque beach house on the Northumberland Strait has all the amenities of a modern home, its own private beach, amazing views and more. This is coastal living at its finest - ideal for your next family vacation or seaside retreat. Welcome to The Cape!